How to Find New Crypto Coins

Ever wondered how people find crypto coins before everyone else?

September 9, 2021

Why look at new crypto coins?

A lot of people ask "Imagine if you bought Bitcoin 10 years ago" or "how did people know about Cardano when it was 10 cents?", and it makes sense. You can imagine the huge profits people would have made if they bought and hodl'd. The question is, HOW do you discover these tokens early? Read on to learn... 🤓

Where can I find new crypto coins?

New crypto coins can be found on CoinEmber. The absolute newest tokens from the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Ethereum, and pairs on UniSwap can be found on the New Coins page, enter at your own risk!

We also maintain a database of over 13,000 cryptocurrencies which is updated daily, some of which haven't been listed anywhere else. Visit the All Coins page to view them.

There are a few other sites which can find new coins, though it's often difficult to find these through Google search. Websites like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko dominate the search rankings, showing "new" coins, when these coins aren't actually new, they are newly listed on their website. Coins may have existed for months prior before being listed on the specified website. And by that point, the biggest gains may be long gone for that token.

How do if the coin is safe?

You should do extensive research before putting your money towards a token. Read the contract details of the token if available, check any social channels, check the supply and tokenomics if applicable. Many tokens can be complete scams, but occasionally you may stumble across a gem.


Nothing in this article or on this website is financial advice.

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