How to Identify a Good Crypto Project

Finding a decent crypto coin can be a hard task. This article breaks it down.

September 9, 2021

Where to start? 🤔

Luckily you're already at a good starting point! CoinEmber was designed to help find new crypto projects and collate data from multiple sources. Have a look around the site, a good place to start would be checking out the 'Trending' coins on the homepage. These are the most searched coins (according to CoinGecko), suggesting they could have some potential. Click/tap the logo or name of the coin to be taken to the chart and information page where you can find historical pricing, social media links, market cap, supply and more!

What makes a good crypto coin?

Ultimately a good coin is determined by the total supply, market cap, and development team. It's important you do your own research and find as much as you can. Even if it's not all on CoinEmber, I suggest going to other websites like BSCScan to get even more information if you can't find it here.

Signs of a GOOD coin ✅

  • Dev team is easily found and identifiable
  • Active on social media
  • A good use-case with long-term goals
  • High volume and high market cap

Signs of a BAD coin ⚠️

  • An extremely high supply for no reason
  • No doxxed dev team
    • 'Doxxed' simply means the team have revealed their identity to the public.
  • Low use-case, i.e. it doesn't have much application in the real-world
    • Hint: something named similar to MegaShibDogElonLord probably doesn't have much use-case 😉

What is market cap?

Simply put, Market Cap is the Price multiplied by the Circulating Supply. Generally speaking, the higher the market cap, the better the coin is.

If you look at our All Coins page, the list is sorted by market cap by default. You can see the big players like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano near the top as they have the highest market cap.


Not financial advice.

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