Today's token spotlight is on DeHub, ticker DEHUB, after winning our 'Best Newcomer' Twitter poll!

November 5, 2021

Congratulations to DeHub for winning this week's Twitter poll! After an epic showdown with Fungie DAO, they came out on top as our top voted 'best newcomer' token! They clearly have a strong community.

Key stats

For live data, check the DeHub token page on our website, don't forget to add to your favourites 🌟 and click the flame 🔥 icon to show your support!

Contract address: 0xfc206f429d55c71cb7294eff40c6adb20dc21508

Social media

About DeHub

DeHub is a decentralized entertainment hub, and a licensed producer of original motion pictures, gaming experiences, and pay-per-view events!

They have a fully doxxed team, their profiles are available to view on their website. Having a doxxed team increases trust towards a token, as it adds accountability if anything goes wrong.

DeHub has what they call "Trikenomics", the $DeHub Protocol charges 12% transaction fees which is split to 3 primary features:

  • Token reflections to all holders
  • Buy-back (they call it a 'Robin Hood System')
  • Crypto collateral asset rewards to be claimed by holders from their rewards DAPP

From the website:

"DeHub is blockchain's first entertainment aggregator and licensed producer of original motion picture, exclusive Pay-Per-View events, and surreal gaming experiences. This unified ecosystem is all fueled with $DEHUB tokens through open-source software and secured by cutting-edge blockchain technology."

Where to buy?

To buy DeHub, you can purchase/swap it at XT.COM and PancakeSwap


DeHub looks to have solid potential in my opinion. They clearly have a strong community and good social-media presence, their team is fully doxxed and they have an interesting and unique usecase.


This article is not financial advice.

Something wrong?

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