Today's token spotlight is on GMR Finance, ticker GMR, after winning our 'Best Gaming Token' Twitter poll!

November 19, 2021

EDIT 28 Jan 2022 GMR Finance recently underwent a complete overhaul of their contract, they are now simply called 'Gamer' or GMR.

Congratulations to GMR for winning this week's Twitter poll! Just inching ahead of Wall Street Games in the last few minutes, they took the victory!

Key stats

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Contract address: 0xadca52302e0a6c2d5d68edcdb4ac75deb5466884

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About GMR

GMR is a gaming token that has been around since April 2021, created by a doxxed team with a strong community, they have been though some ups and downs. Ultimately they held strong and have recently seen a resurgence after a rebrand.

The information of the creators are available to view on their website. They clearly take security seriously, and have taken extra steps to ensure people feel safe when investing. They have passed security audits from:

  • Certik
  • Solidity
  • TechRate

They aim to sponsor gaming events and eventually use their token as a way to purchase items in games.

View their whitepaper online.

NFT market:

In GMR's rebrand, they have tapped into the NFT market, making their own 'Non-Fungible Leets' or NFLs for short. This seems like a clever move and gives some fun and usability to the token, e.g. being able to use your Leets in games.

From the website:

"The GMR big picture aims to place the project at the forefront of gaming and crypto. Not satisfied with wallowing in the mass of meme-coins, we are determined to put the project on a pathway to the stability and utility often associated with established projects"

Where to buy?

To buy GMR, you can purchase/swap it at ApeSwap and PancakeSwap


Personally I've been a follower of GMR since its conception, in my (non-financial) opinion it seems like a trustworthy project. The fact that they pushed through after a major fall in value shows perseverance and loyalty.


This article is not financial advice.

Something wrong?

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