Token spotlight for Nafty, ticker $NAFTY, after winning our 'Best Adult Token' Twitter poll!

December 3, 2021

Well done to Nafty for winning this week's Twitter poll! Coming in as an underdog they smashed the poll results, winning the Best Adult Token!

Key stats

For live Nafty data, check the Nafty token page, don't forget to add to your favourites 🌟 and click the flame 🔥 icon to show your support if you like the token!

Contract address: 0x2eed4682197834708c0ea8d11d683440bbe104d1

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About Nafty

Nafty is a crypto token designed around adult entertainment. One of the interesting features they have is that whenever someone is watching a video or communicating with a content creator on the Nafty Network, all token holders on the network receive part of the transaction. This is a great way to spread the tokens and keep people hodling!

In their ecosystem they have 3 adult-focused platforms which will use Nafty token:

  • - a social network powered by the community
  • - an NFT marketplace for adult artwork
  • - a subscription-based content platform for exclusive content (similar to Netflix)

View their whitepaper online.

Adult industry and crypto:

The adult industry has been able to benefit from crypto. Specific tokens focused on supporting the creators of adult content gives more power to the creators, and more ways to interact for the consumers.

Where to buy?

You can swap/buy Nafty on PancakeSwap


Nafty appears to be a great new project, their team and whitepaper are clearly visible on the website, and they have big plans for the future. This project is definitely one to watch if you're interested in the adult industry!


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