TOKEN SPOTLIGHT - Nervos Network (CKB)

Today's token spotlight is on Nervos Network, ticker CKB, after winning our Twitter poll.

October 8, 2021

First of all, a big congratulations to CKB community for winning this week's Twitter poll! I was almost certain that Shiba would win, but CKB made an incredible comeback! Personally very impressed. Anyway, onto the article!

Key stats

At time of writing this article (October 8th 2021)

  • Market Cap: $405,920,398 USD
  • Volume: $21,741,021

For live data, check the CKB token page on our website, don't forget to add to your favourites! ⭐️

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What is CKB?

From their website; "CKB is a cryptocurrency that can be used as a secure store of value, like Bitcoin. It can also be a value token behind smart contracts, like ETH. Store, execute, and even rent space on the Nervos Blockchain with CKBytes."

Nervos is a layered crypto-economy network. Nervos splits the infrastructure of a crypto economy into two layers: a verification layer (layer 1) that acts as a trust root and smart custodian, and a generation layer (layer 2) for high-performance transactions and privacy protection.

So what we can see here is that CKB runs on its own blockchain, 'Nervos Blockchain'. This means it will have its own suite of tools and explorers to gather data about transactions and events happening in their blockchain. This takes a tremendous amount of effort, and shows solid dedication from the dev team.


Nervos Network or CKB seems like an interesting and well-thought-out project. I am in no way advising anything here, just stating my opinion. It is one I will definitely be keeping an eye on as time goes on.


This article is not financial advice.

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