Token spotlight for Polygon, ticker $MATIC, after winning our 'Best Ecosystem' Twitter poll!

December 18, 2021

Congratulations to Polygon for winning this week's Twitter poll! Taking a comfortable and well-deserved win.

Key stats

For live Polygon data, check the Polygon token page, don't forget to add to your favourites 🌟 and click the flame 🔥 icon to show your support if you like the token!

Contract address: 0xcc42724c6683b7e57334c4e856f4c9965ed682bd

Social media

About Polygon Matic Network

You've probably already heard of Polygon, they are very popular and have amassed over 1 million followers on Twitter. But what exactly is it? Polygon is both a framework and a protocol for connecting and building Ethereum-based networks on the blockchain. It provides a more secure and cheaper way of connecting Ethereum tokens.

Their core team can see on the about page on their website.


Polygon has created the following tools:

  • Polygon Wallet
  • Polygon Bridge
  • Stake Matic

These can all be seen on their 'technology' website page

Where to buy?

As previously mentioned, Polygon is already an incredibly popular ecosystem and crypto token. So it can easily be purchased on Binance, CoinBase, and EasyCrypto


Polygon has been around for years (since 2017), and doesn't show any signs of stopping. It took an already great idea and network (Ethereum) and made it even better. They reduce the gas fees drastically which makes it much more usable for smaller transactions compared to traditional Ethereum network transactions.


This article is not financial advice.

Something wrong?

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