What is CoinEmber?

A brief article to describe the vision and purpose of CoinEmber

September 8, 2021

CoinEmber was created by a solo developer with the vision of providing crypto and multi-chain data to the public. The point of difference is a clear and easy-to-use user interface (UI) and being easy to understand for people getting started with crypto.

I hope you can find some use out of my website, ultimately my goal is just to help people who are interested in crypto. It would be a dream come true if lots of people frequented my website and found it helpful! If you find any bugs, or have a feature request, just flick me a DM on Twitter, or send me an email. I would be happy to look at creating new features to improve CoinEmber.

Some useful features

See below for a list of some useful features in CoinEmber.

1. Favourites ⭐️

Now I know what you're thinking, everyone has favourites... HOWEVER, CoinEmber lets you add favourites without making an account. That's right, no need to hand over your personal info to a random company. In fact, that was a major annoyance of mine before I built CoinEmber, like no I don't want to make another account with another password and get added to another mailing list just so I can look at some crypto coins.

Haven't tried favourites? Search up for your favourite coin and click that star ⭐️ icon when you see it. Then go to favourites

2. Price Checker 🤑

This tool is super helpful if you've lost track of the coins you've bought, especially lesser-known ones. Simply search the crypto asset you purchased, the date of purchase, and the currency used. The tool will fetch price data for you selected crypto coin and get the hourly prices, as well as calculate the average price for that day.

If you live in New Zealand, the tool has been checked over by the IRD (the local tax department) and they said the average for the day would suffice if you are unable to get an exact price.

Try the tool out at the Price Checker page

3. New Coins 🔥

The new coins page is something few other website have. It scrapes the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum for recent contracts created, as well as latest UniSwap pairs created, and displays them in a nice little list for you to browse through. It provides links to the contracts as well as the name and as much other info we can find on the token.

Try it out now at our New Coins page!

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