Crypto Price Checker

Use our crypto price checker tool to find the price of a coin at a given time. This is helpful for when tax time comes around and you forgot to write down what price you bought at and need an idea of what the coin costed.

Step 1: Search for the coin

Step 2: Select date and currency

Why is this tool helpful?

Ever been watching your sweet gains then realise tax time is around the corner? What's worse is you never wrote down the price of the coin you bought 3 months ago, and there's no record in your wallet!

No worries, just use our tool! Enter the crypto coin or token you purchased, the currency you bought it in, the date of purchase, and we'll pull hourly price data from that day, including the average (which can suffice, depending on what country you are in).


The average is calculated as a mean - it is the sum of all values divided by the count.

This tool uses data from the CoinGecko API. We are not responsible for any miscalculated prices.